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Kollam Mansoon Marathon 2019

  • Date ,time and place of bib distribution..15.06.2019 at 1.00PM onward from the office of Deputy commissner of excise,Kollam ,near Chinnakada.
  • Date,time and place of distribution of freebies-16.06.2019 at 4 AM onward at the venue of event(Cantonment ground).

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Participating in a marathon, whether running or walking, has inherent risks involved and could potentially be considered a hazardous activity. Not only the numerous injuries that you may incur by training and running in these events, but past history has shown that some runners have died during and upon completion of a marathon. The Marathon Maniacs are not responsible for any injuries or deaths. You must have medical clearance from your doctor before you engage in any exercise program and are properly trained before participating in these types of events.Marathon and ultramarathon training and racing can also be a highly addictive sport, especially when trying to achieve a higher star level in the Insane Asylum. Not only can there by physical setbacks, but mental, psychological, social and financial setbacks as well. The Marathon Maniacs will not be responsible for any of the above conditions incurred by you. It is not our intent for anyone to get hurt or injured in trying to become a Marathon Maniac. When you become a Marathon Maniac, you accept responsibility for all your injuries, illnesses, mishaps, including but not limited to the above items mentioned. When you are initiated into the Insane Asylum, you waive and release the Marathon Maniacs, its members and sponsors from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of your participation in marathons and ultras.

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Kollam Mansoon Marathon 2019
Date : 16th June 2019
Half Marathon : 21km, 5.30 am
Fun Run : 05km, 6.00 am
Venue : Peerenki Mythanam (Cantonment Ground)